Christmas at Hoppers - 11-4pm 25th November 2023 Come and join the fun in the courtyard Crafts, cakes, sweets to buy plus Father Christmas Everyone welcome!
Christmas at Hoppers - 11-4pm 25th November 2023Come and join the fun in the courtyardCrafts, cakes, sweets to buy plus Father ChristmasEveryone welcome!  

Summer Breaks

Every summer Hoppers hosts the Summer Breaks Project where where groups of people come to stay for an affordable and enjoyable holiday whilst forging friendships and support networks.


National statistics show that around 2.2 million families - about 7m children and parents - don't go on holiday each year, because of poverty, and around 1.5m million families cannot even afford a day at the seaside. Therefore almost one in three families cannot afford a break away from home, and those excluded from holidays are often those most in need.


With our networks we are identifying an increase in families that are struggling to financially survive. For these disadvantaged families not having a break away in its self brings about social exclusion which is damaging - physically and emotionally, it can have an adverse effect on health and well-being as well as causing feelings of depression.


These families are coping, year in year out, with very low income and often ill-health the holiday they cannot afford can be a lifeline, not a luxury. The families who are mainly single parents are never in a position to getting a break away, for some their income is so low that there is never sufficient money, and if there is an opportunity then going away may be just another lonely isolating prospect as there is no one to go with.


In taking a small group of people away for such a break helps friendships and self supporting networks which carry on back home, thus growing a better supportive cohesive community.

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